10 Fastest Animals on the Planet

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This is one of those questions we would most likely answer by mainly mentioning something like big cats. They may seem the fastest, from what we see in the movies. Are they really the fastest of creatures? Can they outrun all other animals? Biologists have given us their information so that you can test your knowledge by what they have discovered. Each animal was added based on studies of the animals, and the actual speeds known to be achieved by their species. Look at those who are listed, and see if you are really an expert on the subject of the fastest animals on the planet.

  1. Cheetah. Number one is pretty easy to guess. The Cheetah has been clocked at going as much as 75 miles per hour. It makes them the fastest animal on the planet without any debate.
  2. Marlin. Some might not have included fish in their list. However, the Marlin can reach speeds of 68 miles per hour in the water. For their huge size, this is an amazing speed.
  3. Sailfish. This member of the fish species that can move incredibly fast. Smaller than Marlin, they still can reach speeds of 68 miles per hour in the ocean.  That is something we probably don’t give much thought to, when thinking of fast creatures.
  4. Pronghorn Antelope. Ironically, despite their name, they are not actually an antelope.  They are a special mammal known as an antilocapridae and they are found in North America. Their slender bodies can reach speeds of 61 miles per hour.
  5. Swordfish. The Swordfish is a cold blooded creature with organs that specifically work to keep its eyes and heart warm. Living in the northwest Pacific they have been able to swim as fast as 60 miles per hour.
  6. Wildebeest. Sometimes, called a gnu, they live in Africa. A fully grown adult Wildebeest can weigh in excess of 500 pounds. This doesn’t affect their speed. Some have been clocked running as fast as 50 miles per hour.
  7. Lion. They aren’t quite as fast as the Cheetahs, but they do still make the list. We are most familiar with them in zoos or movies. Much larger and heavier than the sleek Cheetah, the Lion can still reach speeds of 50 miles per hour.
  8. Thomson’s Gazelle. There are many different species of Gazelles. The Thomson’s Gazelle is considered one of the most popular of them. Its sleek and muscular body has been known to reach speeds of 50 miles per hour.
  9. Wahoo. A fish that can be found in the waters of the Caribbean and Central American. It is also known as an Ono and Peto. Very popular with sports fishermen the Wahoo can swim as fast as 47 miles per hour.
  10. Yellowfin Tuna. Found in tropical and subtropical seas they can be as big as 440 pounds. Often they swim within 300 feet of the surface. Sometimes called Ahi Tuna they can reach speeds of 46 miles per hour.

Who would have imagined some of the fastest animals on the planet were fish? What a wonderful fact to know and be able to share with others when you are at a party, or in small talk. Won’t they be impressed?


2 Responses to 10 Fastest Animals on the Planet

  1. Nadia says:

    What about birds ? like .. ostrich’es .. if fish are in , aren’t birds too ?

  2. .perpotator says:

    The fastest animal is actually the Peregrine Falcon, who can reach speeds of over 200 mph (320 km/h) during its hunting stoop.

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